Cricava launches CRICAVA Technologies Open Source

We are more than pleased to announce the launch of CRICAVA Technologies Open Source, a portal that will be the home of numerous programming related articles (targetting Java, C++, and PHP, among other languages), and a variety of open source projects that CRICAVA is donating to the open source community.

I’ve finished uploading my first article on the portal, entitled Simulating method / function overload in a PHP 4 class, that covers how to achieve method overloading on a PHP4 framework, where it is not natively available. Check it out.

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2 Comments to "Cricava launches CRICAVA Technologies Open Source"

  1. Mar082006 at 12:28 pm

    Monique Vaughan [Visitor] wrote:

    hola Mariano!!
    ¿como estas? espero que muy bien. che, me gustaría ir a tomar un cafe con vos si tenes tiempo …. te mando saludos!! All the Best! Monique

  2. May082006 at 6:29 am

    hans [Visitor] wrote:

    Hi monique
    happy to know you are still leaving
    i hope my name rings a bell
    what news from your side?

    hans (re 1989)

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