Well… Firefox behaves strangely somehow

Browsing around the net, I discovered the following: if you are using Firefox as your browser try inserting a wrong URL, such as (click on the link to test): http://http://www.cricava.com.

For some reason, you’ll see, you end up at microsoft.com website, no matter what you typed in as main domain. I’ve read someone saying that probably this is because the Firefox guys are making the following statement: “if you can’t even put a URL in the address bar properly you should be using IE.” That seems about right, doesn’t it?

However, the true answer is that Firefox uses Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” service when inserting what doesn’t appear to be a proper URL (so it considers it a keyword.) Then, Google takes you to the first appearance of a site that matches your search, and for the term “http”, that’s microsoft.com

I liked the statement explanation better, though :)

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