Google Getting Current With Broadband

As WebProNews reports, Google, along with Goldman Sachs and The Hearst Corporation, will make a significant investment in Germantown, MD-based Current. Current is a provider of broadband access, but delivers that access over powerlines instead of telephone or cable. The technology makes an electrical outlet in a home a source of always-on Internet connectivity.

The company has managed to rollout a test of their technology last year, in partnership with Cincinnati-based utility Cinergy. The initiative offered a bundle of broadband and voice connections to Cinergy’s electric customer base of 1.5 million. The implementation of BPL would resolve the “last mile” issues faced by traditional Internet service providers of high-speed products. Telecoms in particular have been reluctant to wire rural areas, while cable frequently enjoys a monopoly presence in communities and little pricing pressure.

I’ve been hearing about this project for quite some years now, and I always wondered why it never really took off. It’s my thinking that providing internet access through power lines is a million dollar idea, since the network has already been built. Of course you’d have to deal with royalty issues (well, that’s actually the same dylemma that some DSL companies here in Argentina had to face when providing their service over a phone line network that is owned by another telco.), but other than that it’s worth investing on this project.

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