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see this:

best regards

By: Abdel /c/new-fun-project-a-c-web-framework/comment-page-1/#comment-12471 Abdel Wed, 18 May 2011 14:22:55 +0000 /1/new-fun-project-a-c-web-framework/#comment-12471 Can you share the source code on github? I’m interested in helping with development.

By: Rizo Isrof /c/new-fun-project-a-c-web-framework/comment-page-1/#comment-2464 Rizo Isrof Fri, 18 Jun 2010 09:27:48 +0000 /1/new-fun-project-a-c-web-framework/#comment-2464 Excellent initiative! Waiting for project advances!

By: Mayuresh Kathe /c/new-fun-project-a-c-web-framework/comment-page-1/#comment-2200 Mayuresh Kathe Thu, 03 Jun 2010 12:41:31 +0000 /1/new-fun-project-a-c-web-framework/#comment-2200 This is cool stuff :-)
Keep at it, don’t give up.
If possible, create a mailing list and if you do, do add me in :-)
(will be monitoring your blog).

By: mariano /c/new-fun-project-a-c-web-framework/comment-page-1/#comment-224 mariano Tue, 05 Jan 2010 23:25:03 +0000 /1/new-fun-project-a-c-web-framework/#comment-224 I plan to start updating it very soon, and publish its code in github. Stay tuned!

By: /c/new-fun-project-a-c-web-framework/comment-page-1/#comment-223 Tue, 05 Jan 2010 23:18:22 +0000 /1/new-fun-project-a-c-web-framework/#comment-223 Hello mariano!

Do you have any news or progress in C++ Web Framework (CLAPP) ?
Could you provide a link for downloading?


By: juicer [Visitor] /c/new-fun-project-a-c-web-framework/comment-page-1/#comment-20 juicer [Visitor] Mon, 10 Aug 2009 09:34:00 +0000 /1/new-fun-project-a-c-web-framework/#comment-20 Oh yeah, almost forgot…
What do you think about Felspar’s Frost 4 framework?

By: juicer [Visitor] /c/new-fun-project-a-c-web-framework/comment-page-1/#comment-19 juicer [Visitor] Mon, 10 Aug 2009 09:30:00 +0000 /1/new-fun-project-a-c-web-framework/#comment-19 Made any progress on this project? I think it’s a great idea! Why not post it on SourceForge and let the community help you build it? :)
Also, have you taken a look at the approach being taken over at
Lastly, I’d like to know more specifically about why you believe that having to build anything when you change a view is a significant drawback. Is it only really a disadvantage when the site scales up? Even if the build is automated?

By: mariano.iglesias [Member] /c/new-fun-project-a-c-web-framework/comment-page-1/#comment-18 mariano.iglesias [Member] Tue, 31 Mar 2009 22:26:00 +0000 /1/new-fun-project-a-c-web-framework/#comment-18 @artyom: Ok, we are really NOT understanding each other. I don’t care if it’s done on other frameworks or not. I DONT like the fact that you have to build EVEN A SMALL part of it.

It’s just me. There are TONS of frameworks that DONT require you to re build ANYTHING when you change a view. Period. That’s what I’m working for.

By: artyom [Visitor] /c/new-fun-project-a-c-web-framework/comment-page-1/#comment-17 artyom [Visitor] Tue, 31 Mar 2009 21:34:00 +0000 /1/new-fun-project-a-c-web-framework/#comment-17 I mean

> I have to recompile the project

Is not correct, you need only to build
a **very small** part of it.

> Just that I don’t think it makes much sense to build a view, be it as a DLL that is dinamically loaded

Actually such things are already done in Asp.Net and
in Java Servlets.

It is defenatly not “one major design flaw”, this is something common to many frameworks.