How the workplace impacts productivity for developers

When analyzing developers performance and how outside factors influence their productivity, there’s little to no reference regarding the work environment, not particularly a developer’s relation to their coleagues, but mostly to the physical location on which their work is being undertaken.

In Argentina and most countries with at least some offshore culture, most big software factories believe that productivity increase is the sole result of salary increases, neglecting how important an office location / disposition is to make a substantial difference. It is very common to find hundreds of developers working side by side on a flat table, with little to no independence among each other.

On the other side, there are companies that go the extra mile and some times take this concept of office improvement too far, allowing developers to play basketball, shoot pool, or chill out with video games during office hours.

Like anything in life, the perfect balance lies in the middle.

I have found myself considering how great it will be for CRICAVA Technologies to move offices from our current downtown location, to a selective beach side house-like office. It is a fact that we reduce our productivity during traffic peak hours, when the disturbing noise from the street finds its way to our offices.

Programming is a perfect combination of science and art, and as such not only important figures such as pattern adherence, quality of code, or bugs per code blocks should be considered, but also the need of concentration to achieve a level of creativity that only greater coders can benefit from.

When setting up a developer work place don’t think about reducing cost in mobiliary, but think about how that supposed cost reduction will influence your team’s productivity. In the end, if you find the balance, you’ll notice how your team performance increases, and therefore your company’s competivity increases.

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    Good points.

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