For all of you SPAMMERS out there

Found an interesting thing today:


They have a link based approach to mess up with Spam Robots (robots that spider web pages searching for email addresses.) It is not bullet-proof (one could write just a 20 lines code robot that would avoid being confused by SmapPoison), but it will get some of the spammers out of the way.

I consider spamming a huge problem, getting about 150 emails per day that are pure and simple SPAM. It takes time out of my working day, and that makes me loose money. I don’t see any spammers knocking on my door and giving me a paycheck for all the dimes that they made me loose :)

So in the meantime, it is best to fight against them.

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  1. Jun272005 at 11:59 am

    A Momentary Lapse of Reason [Member] wrote:

    Hey, the captcha thing works!

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